Advanced Equipment & Machines

Traditional Vending & Avanti Markets

Touchscreens, LED Lighting & Motion Sensors

With easy to navigate touch screen kiosks, employees choose the food and beverage items of their choice and pay with a variety of options for a quick and intuitive experience.

Payment Options & Surveillance Security

Our secure systems and machines allow you to pay with cash, credit card or Apple Pay.

Inventory Sensors & Reporting

With the advanced Cantaloupe Systems’ seed technology, our machines have realtime inventory tracking and wireless remote monitoring, providing us with real-time notifications on inventory, temperature control, payments and more.

Fresh Product Delivery

Our machines monitor temperature controls as well as inventory levels. Food remains consistently fresh and replenished as our systems notify drivers for delivery needs in real-time.

Cash Tracking & Sales Projections

Revolutionary cash tracking and accurate sales accounting systems allow for quicker commission payments and projection analysis.

Commercial Vending Info

•Beverage machines manufactured by Dixie Narco that include glass front vendors that vend both bottles and cans.

•Snack machines manufactured by USI, Crane and Automated Products.

•Hot beverage and food machines manufactured by USI, Crane and Automated Products.