Equipment Service Team

The equipment service department at Pepsi-Cola of the Hudson Valley is comprised of a highly experienced team of technicians, with over 168 years of combined employment here in Newburgh.


Quick Response dispatch of cross-trained technicians with fully stocked service vehicles, can repair machines on-site and get our customers back in business as quickly as possible.

Inventory Delivery

Our advanced technology systems notify our delivery drivers when inventory levels of products are running low. With temperature and inventory sensors installed using real-time notification technology, products are replenished when needed and inventory remains fresh. Our drivers also check and rotate products to ensure freshness.

Sales Pattern Analytics

Different locations and facilities will require product adjustments and analytics depending on client needs and consumption. We will work with you to stock your machines and monitor sales data to optimize purchasing customer choices.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Our services include all cleaning, inspecting and updating functionality of our vending, cooler and fountain machines. Our drivers perform simple cleaning and maintenance checks upon product delivery.


We will schedule installation at your convenience, and work with you to choose vending machines and products that will best suit your facility and customers. Whether you are a business, school, museum, government facility or other,  our experienced team will help you to determine optimal choices for your space.